How It Works

Have you ever wondered how to pay for a rodeo?

When a spectator buys a ticket he/she is supporting the Rodeo Committee. The Rodeo Committee is the person or group that sponsors the rodeo. Often the committee is hosting the rodeo as a fund raiser. The committee will promote and advertise the rodeo or hire a professional to do so. The committee pays the stock contractor a flat fee to produce the rodeo.

The stock contractor, Classic Rodeo Productions will advertise the prize money to entice contestants to compete in the rodeo. The prize money is added to entry fees the contestant pays to compete in an event. By adding adequate prize money and having quality livestock to compete on. This ensures a turn out of championship caliber contestants. We have a good relationship with the cowboys and cowgirls. They like to compete at our rodeos and we like having them at our show. And this is good for everyone. Classic produces a professional rodeo with adequate contestants for the rodeo spectator to enjoy so that the contestant returns to compete and the spectator returns to buy another ticket to start the cycle all over again.

Let Classic Rodeo Productions bring a rodeo to town for you. The horses and bulls will buck. The contestants will give it there all. And the crowd will have a memorable experience. Thus, resulting in a profitable endeavor for all.

Rodeo at the Absolute Best